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THANK YOU for Considering to Make a Difference!

Volunteering ButtonThere is an old African piece of wisdom that you might just be familiar with: It takes a village to raise a child.  The same can be said when it comes to running a youth ministry.  Neither one of them should be done alone.  That is why we need YOUR help!

We don’t often have an abundance of free time to throw around.  That is why we restructured to create NEW WAYS to volunteer in the youth ministry, that are built towards YOUR skills and passions. PLUS, many volunteering opportunities are NOT a sentence for life. They’re not even a commitment for a year. Many are one time isolated opportunities that will fit around your schedule.


3 Ways to Make a Difference

Champion an Event

Champion TrophyThis is YOUR baby.  The Youth Pastor supports YOU as you make this event a reality.  You get to take care of all the details to make sure it works the way you envision it.  That could be as complex as Championing a major retreat like Blizzard, or as simple as Championing a Fun & Friends Event like Cosmic Bowling.  What you DON’T need to do is actually LEAD the event (unless of course you want to).  That is the job of the HERO


Be a Hero

Hero badgeThis is your chance to a front line leader.  You get some direction and training on what to do from the event Champion and/or Youth pastor so we can set you up for success!  And then you go for it.  Take a stab and lead anything from one small aspect of any program, all the way to flying solo!  It can be a one-time only thing, or a regular commitment, or somewhere in between.  To be a Hero, it means you need to go the extra MILE

Model Christ in all that you say and do
Invest in teens and your roll
Lead a portion of a program
Encourage teens in faith and life


Caddy an Event

CaddyJust like Golf Professionals, our Champions, Heroes, and Youth Pastor are only as good as the Caddies they have.  Without Caddies, the whole ministry would crumble.  A Caddy is someone who does all the essential unseen things that make an event a success and hold everything together.  The tasks and jobs of a Caddy are limitless and can be specifically catered to your skills, interests, and schedule!

Just some Caddy Opportunities include: game set up, game clean up, food provisions, food preparation, food serving, food clean up, driving to/from events, leader’s assistant, gather supplies, distribute supplies, score keepers, crowd control, security, purchase event supplies (and be reimbursed), youth room set up, youth room clean up, audio/video set up, audio/video clean up, record attendance, collect waivers, and much MUCH MORE !!!


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