School’s Out Camp Out!

School's Out Camp Out ButtonIt’s been a LONG school year.  All that homework, and assignments, and the stress!!!  Not to mention all the other things that are connected with school that can make life so complicated!  So let’s end it the right way by kicking off summer the right way.  We’re gonna have a camp out!  But not just a camp out.  We’re gonna have a BBQ, a Swim, a Bonfire AND a camp out.  Now that’s doing it RIGHT!



Date: Thursday June 30 – Friday July 1, 2016
Time: 5pm Thursday – 10:30 am Friday
Location: In Town (Available to those who Sign Up)
Cost: FREE (Including Super & Breakfast!)

BRING: Bathing Suit, towel, sleeping bag, pillow, outside clothes for evening fire, and PJs.
You may also want to Bring: toiletries, extra clothes for next day, flashlight, game



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