Fall Lock-In

Fall Lock-InIt doesn’t get much better than STAYING UP ALL NIGHT with friends!  Join us for our Fall Lock-In!  Each year we try to do something just a little bit different, but we always make sure it’s an AWESOME night!

Our Fall Lock-In is not only fun, but it is a Fundraiser for our Avalanche and Blizzard Winter Retreats!  It helps offset the cost to make those retreats a reality for everybody!

We encourage everyone who wishes to attend Avalanche and Blizzard to participate in 2-3 fundraisers.  This would count as one of them!  But, even if you are not going to Avalanche or Blizzard, you don’t want to miss out a great night with friends!  Read the details and sign up below!

2014 Theme
New Testament Readathon

Have you ever read the ENTIRE Bible?  Not many people have.  It’s a HUGE task.  But at the 2014 Fall Lock-In, we are going to cut that task in half!  In under 24 hours, between you and the rest of the youth group, we will read the ENTIRE NEW TESTAMENT!

Now don’t be silly thinking we’re going to sit around like robots droning on forever.  We’re going to spice things up by finding many ways to read the Bible including: drama, racing, one word hand offs, and more!  PLUS there will be lots of times to break, rest, eat, and even catch a few Zzzz if you need them.



This is your chance to raise some money for your awesome winter retreats, but here are a few catches:

  1. You need to get pledges from your FRIENDS
  2. NO pledges from Parents / Guardians
  3. Anyone who collects $100 in pledges from their friends will be MATCHED!
  4. Pledges from other adults DO NOT count towards the $100


Other Important Details

Dates: Sat Oct 25 – Sun Oct 26
Times: 9:30 am to 10 am (yes, that means to the start of church)
Cost: Free – but you need at least $5 of pledges to get in
Food: Saturday Lunch, Supper, Snack & Sunday Breakfast Provided

Things To Bring

Parent Consent Form

Pledge Form


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