blizzardThis amazing CBOQ winter retreat is always a blast for our SR High Students (Grades 9-12).  Each year, hundreds of SR High Students all over the Province go in anticipation of having fun and connecting with God.  Hosted up in Muskoka Woods Sports Resort, teens get a chance remove themselves from all the distractions of life and experience God in new ways through a keynote speaker, a live band, small groups, devotional times, over a dozen of fun electives, breathtaking scenery and more!

What does this amazing opportunity cost you ask?  It cost about $200 per student … well sort of.  You see, we REALLY believe in the experiences that this retreat offers, so we make it available to anyone who wants to go.  All it takes is a little bit of elbow grease and participation on the student’s part.  They put in their time, and collectively raise all the funds needed to go. So, the experiences that this retreat brings starts long before the actual date of the retreat.  In fact, the experience starts in the fall as the students rally together for a united purpose and goes right to the end of February when they get to share their experiences with those who supported them!


For every student that signs up to go, we expect them to be a part of the bigger experience. Here is the experience as a whole:

  • All Things Avalanche & BlizzardRegistration Deadline, Info Night, Fundraiser Signup, & Theme Devo (Wednesday October 11)
  • FundraisersBuy a KM | Baking Night  | Bake Sale (Dates given and chosen at All Things Avalanche & Blizzard)
  • Dinner is Served (Friday January 12, 2017)
  • The Retreat (Friday February 2 – Sunday February 4, 2018)
  • Retreat Follow up TBD
  • Blizzard & Avalanche Reflections Sunday Service TBD

Details surrounding each aspect of the entire experience will be made available to those who participate. If you have questions, be sure to contact the youth pastor


There are always questions surrounding the actual amazing retreat itself, and below you will find all the answers!

Dates: February 2-4, 2018
Departure Location: TBD
Be @ Departure Location by: TBD
Departure Time: TBD
Supper: Bring your own OR buy it yourself at the ON ROUTE in Barrie

*In the case of a snow day during the week, it may affect our departure time.  Be sure to contact the youth pastor to confirm the time & inform him if you might be delayed!

Pick up Date:  Sunday February 5, 2017
Pick up
Location: TBD
Pick up Time:
~5:30pm (we will call/txt you when we are 45-60 minutes out with a better ETA)

Team Name: Lumberjacks
Team Colour: Green

Waiver Forms:  HBC Parental Consent  |  Muskoka Woods Waiver  |  CBOQ Letter of Consent

Things to Pack **space is limited! pack small or you will have to leave things behind

Free to Choose Electives

The Schedule 

The Weather

For updates (including when your teen arrives), follow or like the CBOQ

twitter1  @cboqyouth



 In case of an emergency, parents/guardians can call Muskoka Woods at 705-7324373




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