The Schedule

30 Hour Famine 2017 Schedule*

Friday April 7

12 NOON – The Fast Begins! (no more food)

1:30 arrivals, welcome, intro/prayer. Information about hunger.  Choices activity

2:30  Cleaning the toddler and nursery rooms.

4:30  Hydration break. Food Bank training. Shuttle to Zehrs (SuperCentre)

5:00  Food Bank Food Drive

7:00  Shuttle back to Highland. Hydration break

7:30  Reflection about experience. Prayer and candle vigil

8:30  Hydration break and Movie

10:30  free time

11:00  Lights out and Sleep


Saturday April 8

Get up and be ready to participate by 9:00 and Hydration break

9:00  Walk the block (walk and chat) Hydration

9:30  Progressive Charades

10:15  Shelter Challenge

11:15  free time and hydration

11:30  Water challenge

12:30  free time and hydration

1:00  Economic challenge

2:00  break and hydration

2:15  Education Challenge

3:00 break and hydration

3:15  Health Challenge

4:00  break and hydration

4:15  Food Challenge

(clean up/pack up)

5:00  Reflection (mugs) and communion

6:00  Dinner

6:30  2nd Service Set Up

6:45   parent pick up



*The Schedule is subject to change without notice