30 HR Famine Button The Bad News

In 2012, more than 18,000 children younger than 5 DIED every day around the world.  That’s horrific.  What’s even worse, is that most of those deaths are from preventable causes.  Nearly eight thousand of the 18,000 are tied to hunger.

If you do the math, that means a child dies EVERY 10 seconds because of hunger!  AND about 1 in 8 people worldwide are hungry! That’s bad news!  But there is good news!


The Good News

People are doing what Jesus commanded us to do: Feed the Hungry.  And you can too!  Did you know for about $1 you can feed a child for 1 day?  In Canadian dollars, it works out to be $39 will feed a child for a month.  But enough with the stats.  Here is how you can get involved:

Get Involved

Join HBC and the other youth to fight hunger.  Sign up below, and we will send you a link to join our team!  Set a goal on how much you can raise, and then go and do it!  Wouldn’t it be awesome if as a whole group we could feed one child for a year?  or two?  or MORE?!?!

Aside from asking for money, we are also going to go hungry ourselves and get only a small glimpse at what millions of people world wide feel every day.  The money we raise  will help kids and families by providing them with things like: farming education, seeds, and tools | clean water sources and irrigation systems | improved food storage | farm animals | nutrition classes | emergency food supplies | and MORE!

You have a choice.  You can make a difference.  We WILL make a Difference!  Watch the video, and sign up below.

Event Details

Dates: Friday April 7  –  Saturday April 8, 2017
Fasting Times: Noon Friday April 22  –  6 pm Saturday April 23
Event Time: 1:30pm Friday  –  6:45pm Saturday
Break-Your-Fast-Meal: Homemade Soups and Bread
Location: HBC
Cost: FREE (but you fund raise to make a difference!)

The Schedule

Things to Bring

Waiver Forms: HBC Parental Consent

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