Dodgeball Challenge

Dodgeball Challenge buttonHere is the one chance you can get to throw balls at each other, and no one will get in trouble, nothing will get broken, and it’s ALLOWED!  That’s pretty hard to beat.  So, join us for a great fun filled night of throwing, catching, and of course, dodging! 

No Team?  No Problem!  We will be mixing up the teams all night long.  There will always be a spot for you.

Parent can’t come?  No Problem!  We’ll have some spare adults around to close in the gap.

No teen?  No Problem!  If you have your valid police check on file, then come on out and fill in the gap or be that rogue player that no one knows quite what to do with!


Location: HBC
Date:  Wednesday October 21, 2015
7 pm – 9 pm
Non-MarkingIndoor Shoes or bare/sock feet required!