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Welcome to our parent resource page!  Every two weeks we will add another resource to assist you in raising your teens in the Christian faith.  Resources that do not originate from Highland Baptist have links to the original spot.



28 Ways To Ask Your Teens “How Was School Today?” Without Asking Them “How Was School Today?”
An article to help you better communicate with your teen and get beyond answers of yes, no, stuff, and shoulder shrugs
By: Liz Evans

3 Incorrect Assumptions About Church Kids
An eye opening article that challenges us to really find out if we are passing on the faith and/or our teens understand and own their faith
By: Leneita Fix

Four Practices That Build a Girl’s Self Image
An article that gives 4 great examples of how to combat the issue of a teenage girl’s self esteem
By: Rihanna Teixeira

The Secret To Quality Time With Your Kids
An article that suggests one major game changer to getting quality time with your kids

By: Jonathan McKee

3 Parenting Questions Including: What Mistakes Do Fathers Tend To Make With Their Daughters?
A blog interview of a parent who serves, thinks, and writes about faith, family, and ministry.
With: Dr. Jim Burns

How to Talk to Boys … And Get Them to Talk Back
7 awesome tips from Fuller Youth Institute to break that ice and build that relationship

By: Brad M. Griffin

10 Questions to Ask Your Family Around the Table
Sharing time together as a family is vital to it’s community and spiritual growth.  Try these 10 questions out to get more than the usual 1 word answer and build those connections!
By: Laura McClure

Putting Kids First
A short audio clip that challenges us to be ready and willing to put our kids above everything.
By: Walt Mueler

Inside the mind of a teenager: A parent’s guide 
five sure-fire ways to salvaging your relationship with your teen, and make this period even more turbulent.  Plus a video featuring: Dr. Frances Jensen, a neuroscientist.
By: Tanith Carey.


Social Media & Technology

Instagram is Killing Teen Girls’ Self Esteem
An article on the reality that social media has on teen girls and how it shapes the perception of themselves.

By: Sonali Kohli

–>First Step in the Solution to Instagram is Killing Teen Girls’ Self Esteem
Body Image Pressures
A short audio clip on the reality of Body Image Pressures teens face and what we should do
By: Walt Mueller

5 Teen Texts You Should Know
A short video that gives you urban definitions to acronyms you may not understand or know.
by: Yahoo Parenting

7 Media-Savvy Skills All Parents Need in 2014
Though it is not the most recent article, the contents are still applicable today.  If you are wondering what teens are using, how to connect with them, and how to be safe about it, this is for you!
by: Caroline Knorr

Put That Thing Down!
Technology can drive families apart, but it doesn’t have to.  It could infact bring you closer together like never before.  This link outlines a touch of that, PLUS a FREE downloadable chapter from the book.

By: Matthew Schuler



When Kids Ask About… WHAT?!!
An article that sheds some light on an embarrassing topic, and shows the reality of what teens, tweens, and younger are saying, thinking, and doing.

by: Jonathan McKee

Creating a Comfortable Climate of Continual Conversations About Sex
An article on how to talk to your kids about “the birds and the bees” without all the tension surrounding “the talk.”
by: Jonathan McKee




Giving at Thanksgiving: A resource to encourage faith at home
A look at what Thanksgiving means and some ideas on how to get your family in a God-honouring celebration
By Jan Mutter

Summer Break

The Under Scheduled Summer
One family’s reaction to an over packed summer, and their reasons why everyone should try it!

By: David Eddie


Modeling in the Home

Parental Example
A short audio clip on the vital importance of modeling Jesus in EVERY area of life – even the ones you might not expect.
By Walt Mueller

Time To Refuel
An article on one of the most important elements in terms of passing on the faith.
  Without this, you go nowhere.
By Reggie Joiner

Relationship Help for Busy Parents
An interview with Fuller Youth Institute and Relationship Experts Les and Leslie Parrott
By Kara Powell


Youth Culture

Take it from the expert – This is Youth Culture; this is what your teens are facing.
By: Paul Robertson |