Olympics Night

Olympics Night buttonThis is where CHAMPIONS are made, MEMORIES are forged, and RECORDS are shattered.  Come on out for an awesome night of epic proportion.  Test your skills.  Test your mind.  Test your strength.  Test your luck.  Do you have what it takes to end up on top?


Location: Highland Baptist Church
Date: Friday October 30, 2015
Time: 6:30 – 10:30 pm
Cost: $2/person (payable day of)


1st Place Team: Box of Candy, Display Trophy in Home Church/Community Centre, and Gloating Rights for the Year
2nd Place Team: 1/2 Box of Candy
3rd to 6th Place Team: 1 piece of candy each


Individual Event Winner(s): Your name(s) will be put on the event trophy, and put on display for the year
Record Breakers: Your name will REMAIN on the event trophy, the trophy put on display, and your name, record, and photo will published on our website for eternity* until you are dethroned.


2015 Schedule:

6:30 – 6:50 – Arrival, confirm registration     (If you show up after 7, you are LATE, and will COST your team POINTS)
6:50 – 7:05 – Welcome, Instructions, and Rules
7:05 – 7:20 – Team Cheer Event
7:25 – 7:35 – Coke Relay
– 7:50 – Ping Pong Blow
7:55- 8:15 – Rotation 1

8:20 – 8:40 – Rotation 2
– 9:05 – Rotation 3
9:10 – 9:20 – Chug-A-Drink
9:20 – 9:40 – Ultimate Rock Paper Scissors
9:40 – 10:00 – Snack / Rest

10:00 – 10:30 – Awards & Closing Ceremonies

2015 Events**

Coke Relay, The Plank, Chug-A-Drink, Paper Airplane, Team Cheer, Volleyball Challenge, Random Object Tray, Ping Pong Blow, Trash Can Toss, Ultimate Rock Paper Scissors

**Events and Schedule are subject to change without notice.



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