Christmas Banquet

christmas banquetThe Christmas season is an awesome season to celebrate!  Snow angles, lit up houses, music, time off school, presents, family, food, and of course remembering how an amazing God came down to Earth in the from of Jesus.  So I say, LET’S CELEBRATE!

Join us for our annual Christmas Banquet Celebration.  It is an amazing time of fun, food, and friends all planned and put on for YOU.  So, come and enjoy.  Plus there is a door prize and a little gift from Jason!

This event is FREE but you  ***MUST HAVE A TICKET! ***  You can get a ticket by talking to the Youth Pastor Directly, or you can sign up below, and receive your ticket when you get to the event

***Sign up Deadline is Sunday December 6, 2015***


Event Details

Location: HBC
Date: Friday December 11, 2015
Time: 5:30 – 9:30
Cost: Free (sign up is required)
Dress Code: Whatever you wore to school

Event Schedule (2014)

*2015 coming soon

5:30 – Doors Open
5:45 – Appetizers & Relaxing
6:00 – Grace
6:05 – Supper (menu TBD)
6:55 – Clean Up
7:05 – Games & Activities
8:45 – The Christmas Story
9:10 – Words from Jason
9:25 – Door Prize

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