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Welcome to Fun & Friends!

Fun and Friends Event ButtonBeing a teen is a lot of work.  There’s pressure at work, at home, at school, at … at … at …  In other words, it NEVER ends!  But you know that!  And sometimes, you just need to let loose and have fun.  No thinking about your job, or about homework, or about stresses at home, or even about the Bible.  That is why we have Fun and Friends Events.

Come join us throughout the year for some simply great times of fun with friends.  No worries.  No pressures (though sometimes you need to sign up).  Click around and see some of the awesome stuff that we have for you.  Also, don’t forget to bring your friends!  Duh!


The Events

Dodgeball button     Olympics Night button     Q&A      christmas banquet      Fun in the Dark button      Minitute To Win It Button     Movie Night Button

Plus, some one-time events that you can see in our Ministry Calendar or What’s Happening This Week!  pages.