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Download ButtonThe Download program is a chance for teens to download  Jesus into their minds and hearts.  It is a time for teens to ask, seek, and learn about the Christian faith in discussion.  Because, let’s face it, teens always have questions and doubts about God, Jesus, the Bible, and faith.  But it’s not the doubt that is toxic to faith.  It’s the unexpressed doubt that is toxic to faith.  Download is a safe place to express those feelings.  To put it this way, if you’ve ever wondered if you could ask that question in church; at Download, the answer is YES!

Download meets the 1st Friday of every month and the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month.  Be sure to check out the What’s Happening This Week! page for the most up-to-date information.


Meet Your Download Discussion Leaders:

Jason and booksJason

You don’t have to be around Jason for long to know that his life is NEVER boring.  He is a proud husband, a father of 2, and just so happens to be the youth pastor here at Highland.  He loves to share life with people and is an Ultimate Frisbee enthusiast.  He has a heart for teens and a passion to see them come to understand what Christianity is all about.




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