worshipOur aim is to offer to God our highest praise and thanks for all he has done, and to make worship meaningful and special. But that raises the question, “What makes worship meaningful?”

For some, it is through what is heard in music or preaching, or what is seen and experienced. We live in a post-modern world, and in Kitchener-Waterloo, in a very diverse community. For this reason, our worship services are blended. We use hymns accompanied by an organ, as well as songs with guitar, piano, bass, drums and other instruments. From time to time, we have drama presentations so that the message is seen and experienced.

The music ministry is well developed at the church, and there are opportunities for you to participate: In the senior choir or, if you are a child, in the junior choir. You can enjoy both the senior and junior hand-bell choirs or the senior and junior bands. You will find these ministries meaningful either as a listener or an active participant.

The sermons seek to reach both the mind and heart of the listener. They are thoroughly biblical, and embedded in life. They may at times comfort or challenge, but at all times, the hope is that you will feel spiritually nourished.

Join us in worship. We are a community of faith that is welcoming and open.

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