Highland Governance Model


Team Leadership and Members (2015)

Mission and Ministry Board      Name
Chair (for 2015) Karen Huehn
Vice-Chair Vacant
Church Clerk Sandie Hurlburt
Member at large (Christian Ed) Karen Morgan-Bowyer
Member at large (Congreg. Life) Shelly Pavlic
Member at large (Mission & Outreach) Brian Watson
Member at large (Property) Ray Brien
Member at large (Stewardship & Finance) Peter Saulesleja
Member at large (Hope Romanian) John Raca
Member at large (Karen congregation) Hser Kay
Member at large (Worship) Vacant
Senior Pastor Das Sydney
Christian Education Team Name
Team Leader Ruth Mill
Team Leader Michelle
Team Leader Wendy Schell
Member Linda Pernfuss
Youth Pastor Jason Edgar
Children’s Pastor Amanda McCulloch
Senior Pastor Das Sydney
Congregational Life and Care Team Name
Team Leader Ginny Pope
Team Leader Anne Thompson
Team Leader Linda Perez
Member Kathy Green
Member Chuck Thompson
Member Philemon Daud
Congregational Life Pastor Dianne Cunningham
Senior Pastor Das Sydney
Mission and Outreach Team Name
Team leader Ruth Odia
Team leader Dorina Demian
Member Jim Fare
Member Thelma Clarke
Member Linda Perez
Member Karen Robertson
Member Norma Fowler
Pastor John Raca
Member Connie Lacey
Member John Lozici
Senior Pastor Das Sydney
Property Team Name
Team Leader Bryce Crouse
Team Leader Kevin Heeney
Team Leader John Vandergaag
Member Stan Sitts
Member Carlos Cabrera
Member Bob Knechtel
Member Teofil Nedelcu
Member Barb Rozell-Knechtel
Stewardship and Finance Team Name
Team Leader Norma Crouse
Team Leader Ross Huehn
Team Leader Trisha Crawley
Member Dennis Yanke
Member Norbert Schmidtke
Assistant Treasurer Norma Fowler
Senior Pastor Das Sydney
Worship Team Name
Team Leader April Brien
Team Leader Kim Pope
Team Leader Katie Nicholl
Member Michael & Beth Strain
Member Paw Mo Gha
Member Tabitha Edgar
Member Esther Morgan
Member Carole Dumont
Senior Pastor Das Sydney


Ownership Area Team
Adult Sunday school Congregation Life and Care
ALPHA Mission and Outreach
Anniversary celebrations Worship Team
Annual Church picnic Christian Education
Audio-visual and technology Property
Baptism and dedication Worship Team
Baptist women Congregation Life and Care
Bell choir Worship Team
Benevolent fund Congregation Life and Care
Bereavement Congregation Life and Care
Bible Study Congregation Life and Care
Bike Club Congregation Life and Care
Blended worship Worship Team
Blizzard and Avalanche Christian Education
Building maintenance and development Property
Building security Property
Building use and outreach to community Property
Bursary program Finance and Stewardship
CBOQ support Finance and Stewardship
Children’s choir Worship Team
Children’s Sunday school (Adventureland) Christian Education
Choir Worship Team
Chrildrens special events Christian Education
Christmas Bazaar Mission and Outreach
Church on-line calendar (signon) Property
Church sign content Worship Team
CNDC Mission and Outreach
Coffee time Congregation Life and Care
College and Careers Congregation Life and Care
Communion Worship Team
Communion for shutins Congregation Life and Care
Coordinating communication Mission and Ministry Board
Coordinating fundraising Mission and Ministry Board
Cradle Roll Congregation Life and Care
Crisis support Mission and Ministry Board
Deacon’s soup lunch Congregation Life and Care
Donation of space for programs (e.g., House of Friendship) Property
Drama Worship Team
Easter breakfast Congregation Life and Care
Enquirer’s Class Congregation Life and Care
ESL Mission and Outreach
Evangalism Mission and Outreach
Faith at Home Christian Education
Fall BBQ Congregation Life and Care
Financial planning and stewardship Finance and Stewardship
Financial updates Finance and Stewardship
Flowers Worship Team
Food cupboard Mission and Outreach
Funeral and wedding lunches Congregation Life and Care
Global mission support Mission and Outreach
Green space Property
Greeters Worship Team
Grocery cards Mission and Outreach
Hanging of the greens Worship Team
Highlanders Congregation Life and Care
Instrumental musicians Worship Team
Inviting music groups Worship Team
Karen service Worship Team
Kid’s worship time Christian Education
Leadership development/spiritual gifts Congregation Life and Care
Learning Circle Mission and Outreach
Library Christian Education
Management of memorials Finance and Stewardship
Managing website Property
Mat ministry Mission and Outreach
Membership Mission and Ministry Board
Mission band Christian Education
Movie nights Christian Education
New avenues of advertising Property
News ads (communication) Property
Nominating Mission and Ministry Board
Nursery and toddlers Christian Education
Open Doors Mission and Outreach
Parking lot Property
Pastoral Talk Back Congregation Life and Care
Pathways mission trip Mission and Outreach
Paulander partners Mission and Outreach
Personnel Mission and Ministry Board
Portugese service Worship Team
Praise band Worship Team
Prayer line Congregation Life and Care
Prayer meetings Congregation Life and Care
Prayer Shawl Congregation Life and Care
Quilting Congregation Life and Care
Radical hospitality Congregation Life and Care
Readings Worship Team
Regional mission trips Mission and Outreach
Romanian service Worship Team
Room rentals (e.g. exercise, Community Lunches) Property
Safe Church (police checks) Christian Education
Sanctuary decoration Worship Team
Small groups Congregation Life and Care
Social events Congregation Life and Care
Spanish service Worship Team
Stephen Ministry Congregation Life and Care
Summer camp Christian Education
Sunrise service Worship Team
Support ethnic groups Congregation Life and Care
Support summer camps Finance and Stewardship
Supporting community programs (House of Friendship) Finance and Stewardship
Taize service Worship Team
Tellers Finance and Stewardship
Transportation for seniors Congregation Life and Care
Trustees Mission and Ministry Board
Ultimate frisbee team Congregation Life and Care
Ushers Worship Team
Visioning Mission and Ministry Board
Visitation Congregation Life and Care
Work Days (Fall and Spring) Property
Young adults Christian Education
Youth group Christian Education
Youth retreats Christian Education



Same List, Sorted by TEAM:

Worship Team Mission and Outreach Congregation Life and Care Finance and Stewardship Property Christian Education Mission and Ministry Board
Anniversary celebrations ALPHA Adult Sunday school Bursary program Audio-visual and technology Annual Church picnic Coordinating communication
Baptism and dedication Breakfast Club Baptist women CBOQ support Building maintenance and development Blizzard and Avalanche Coordinating fundraising
Bell choir Christmas Bazaar Benevolent fund Financial planning and stewardship Building security Children’s Sunday school (Adventureland) Crisis support
Blended worship Church fairs Bereavement Financial updates Building use and outreach to community Chrildrens special events Membership
Children’s choir CNDC Bible Study Management of memorials Church on-line calendar (signon) Faith at Home Nominating
Choir Community soccer Bike Club Support summer camps Donation of space for programs (e.g., House of Friendship) Kid’s worship time Personnel
Church sign content ESL Coffee time Supporting community programs (House of Friendship) Green space Library Trustees
Communion Evangalism College and Careers Tellers Managing website Mission band Visioning
Drama Fall fair Communion for shutins New avenues of advertising Movie nights
Flowers Food cupboard Cradle Roll News ads (communication) Nursery and toddlers
Greeters Global mission support Deacon’s soup lunch Parking lot Safe Church (police checks)
Hanging of the greens Grocery cards Easter breakfast Room rentals (e.g. exercise, Community Lunches) Summer camp
Instrumental musicians India Eh Enquirer’s Class Work Days (Fall and Spring) Young adults
Inviting music groups Learning Circle Fall BBQ Youth group
Karen service Mat ministry Funeral and wedding lunches Youth retreats
Portugese service Open Doors Highland News
Praise band Pathways mission trip Highlanders
Readings Paulander partners Leadership development/spiritual gifts
Romanian service Regional mission trips Mission Circle
Sanctuary decoration Newcomers lunch
Spanish service Pastoral Talk Back
Sunrise service Prayer line
Taize service Prayer meetings
Ushers Prayer Shawl
Radical hospitality
Refugee immigration and citizenship
Small groups
Social committee (international lunch)
Social events
Stephen Ministry
Support ethnic groups
Transportation for seniors
Ultimate frisbee team



Revised Constitution, as passed at our annual meeting in 2015