Prayer Line

prayerOur Prayer Line provides the opportunity to minister to one another through prayer. It allows us to share specific prayer requests from our Highland family. To find out how you can pray for each other, click on an individual request and view the details. The most recent updates will be located at the top of the list.

Purposes of Highland Prayer Line Ministry

  1. Praise and give thanks to God
  2. Seek God’s vision and direction
  3. Build a personal relationship with God through Christ
  4. Pray for others- Encourage and uplift
  5. Communication lifeline within Highland
  6. Support for the ministerial team
  7. Leads to action

How does the Prayer Line system work?

During each week, 52 weeks a year, Bob Knechtel, Helen Schmidtke and Lucille West receive prayer requests from the pastor, church office, church members/adherents and other sources. From these requests the weekly Prayer Line is published and distributed by electronic mail and via the church mailboxes.

Urgent prayer requests are handled on an as need basis. These urgent requests are Emailed or telephoned to the Prayer Line Partners to ask for immediate prayer support.

Prayer time

Each Prayer Partner manages his or her own time and place of prayer.


Privacy laws require that we respect individual rights. Request for prayer must be approved by the prayer recipient or by a parent or guardian. Names published in the church bulletin are the responsibility of the ministerial staff.

The power of prayer

John Maxwell in his book entitled “Partners in Prayer” (Thomas Nelson Publishers) writes: “There’s no telling how much the world has changed as a result of the silent prayers of Christians throughout history.

Contact us

If you wish to submit a prayer request or supplementary information, please complete the Prayer form here and a message will instantly be sent to our Prayer Line team. They will then post your request for you.

For a prayer concern that you do NOT wish to be posted on the Prayer Forum, please complete the Prayer form and select the “Please DO NOT Publish” box. Be assured that these requests will remain confidential and will be prayed for by the prayer team.

If you have any questions, concerns or messages for the Prayer Line team, please contact us by using the same Prayer form and checking the box indicated.

Your personal contact information will NEVER be published or transferred. Your privacy will always be maintained and protected.