There is an old and proven adage with regard to mission and ministry programs: “Find a need and meet it.” In concert with the changes in the world, community and church, you will find that we are seeking to meet needs, to be relevant and current and continually responsive to new possibilities. In this section, you will read about some of the ways in which we use our gifts, talents and energies, to serve and care for others to help fulfill the mission of the church.

Some of the ministries are directed to meeting the needs within the church and others are focused on needs in the wider community. But even in the ministries that are primarily for the care of the people of the church, it is our hope that there will be an intentional reaching out beyond our walls, and an openness and generous welcome to the stranger in our midst. You are welcome to participate in any of the ministries that are listed, and if there are possibilities which you see, that are yet untapped, within the resources of our church, please let us know.

The focus of outreach is to reach out beyond the walls of the church, to meet needs in our wider community, whether they are physical, emotional, social or spiritual. We wish to make real the gospel, with tangible deeds of love and the verbal, persuasive communication of the message of Jesus Christ. The needs are many, and far beyond the resources of this church. Where we cannot meet them on our own, we work in partnership with others.

Reaching out in Service

Some programs highlighted below are local and others are done for relief and development work around the world in partnership with Canadian Baptist Ministries and the Sharing Way.

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