TLC Groups

One of the important areas of ministry is the small group ministry. At Highland we have a number of them these small groups which are termed TLC groups. By joining one of these groups, each with a targeted interest area, you can share your interest. It is good to share.

A TLC group meeting takes place in a informal setting such as someone’s home, usually around dessert and coffee. In this setting discussion gets going very soon. In this relaxed atmosphere questions can be raised (and sometimes there are even some answers!) and everyone feels encouraged and uplifted spiritually. There is a “bonding of believers” because God is there.

TLC groups vary in size, meeting frequency and format. The topic is usually settled quickly at the beginning of the sessions so it is good to sign up at the start. The frequency of meetings is usually once every 2 or 3 weeks. Experience has shown that anything less frequent, means you are shortchanging yourself. Either you are not getting very much out of either the material being covered or out of the missed fellowship and encouragement from the other group participants. It really does pay dividends to make a regular commitment to the TLC group that you join.

Here are some currently active TLC groups: