Quilting Group

The quilting group’s origin goes back to 1957. They currently get together each Wednesday at 1 pm and one night a month at 7 pm in the Memorial Room, enjoying a time of fun and fellowship while sharing and developing their quilting skills. The group is commissioned to hand-quilt quilts for others. All money received is given to various programs within the church as well as Missions.


Their crowning achievement was the quilting of 2 banners for our Centennial celebration in 1995. This was a two year labor of love by 17 dedicated quilters.The banners, flanking the front of the sanctuary, were conceived and designed by distinguished Waterloo artist and recognized authority on liturgical art, Nancy Lou Patterson.

On the congregation’s left is the Creation Banner and the Incarnation Banner is on the right. Each banner consists of 6 panels, is 1.5 meters wide and 5.8 m long. They present the biblical story in the form of striking liturgical symbols, portraying the universality of God’s unlimited power, infinite love and the timeless reach of eternity. The effect of the stitching of the quilted medium is to cause fire to burn, smoke to rise, light to glow, water to flow and plants to live.


Since this Herculean effort, the group has produced many, many more quilts. Last year they quilted 7 large quilts and 1 lap quilt. They have also made 2 quilts for graduates of the McMaster Divinity program and baby quilts for the Church Nursery.

Anyone interested in learning to quilt is most welcome. If you want more information, please contact: Eileen Pacey