Faith at Home

F@H_4_colour_gradient-webAccording to our Faith at Home Mission and Vision statements the Mission of Faith at Home is “to equip generations to be living examples of Christ,” and our Vision is “to inspire, empower and equip people at Highland to intentionally deepen and live out their faith at home, work and play.”

Ok, so all of that said, we can still be left wondering practically what Faith at Home looks like in our daily lives and how it impacts us both as individuals and the church. Really, the heart of Faith at Home is prioritizing being intentional about our faith and bringing God into all that we do. It is also primarily about consistently seeking and continuing to grow in our faith and daily walk with Christ.

In our current culture and busy lives, it can be an overwhelming task to fit one more thing into our day – especially something that requires much thought and contemplation as our faith often does. Some weeks, time can fly by and we can simply be left to live out our faith on a Sunday to Sunday basis. But as Christians, we are gratefully aware of the fact that God desires to live a life of intimacy with us. In this continual process of growth and change, there is graciously no age or limit or time when we have arrived to a place in our lives when we can no longer grow deeper in our understanding of God and cease to extend the gift of our faith to those around us.