There are many who take to prayer, only when they are in desperate straits, and everything else has been tried. In Shakespeare’s The Tempest, as the ship is about to go down in a storm, the mariners cry out, “All lost! to prayers, to prayers! all lost!” But from scripture and the example of the great saints of God, we recognize that there are many times and occasions when we ought to engage in prayer personally and corporately.

We encourage people to seek God’s presence, in private prayer, in solitude and quietness. Such a habit of prayer adds a depth and serenity to life which enables us to face whatever is before us, with greater equanimity.

People also pray in our TLC groups (small groups). In these groups, we are able to share each others burdens, pray for the church, and concerns beyond the church which are brought to our attention. And when we gather in larger groups, notably on Sunday mornings, we also participate in corporate prayer. Whoever is leading seeks to represent the praise, short-comings and concerns of the people of God. The scope of this prayer may be worldwide. In prayer as in worship, we set our lives in tune with the purposes of God.

Highland’s Prayer Line

We are also grateful that in our church, there is a “prayer line”. There may be times of special need, when the people of God are mobilized to pray. Anyone can request prayer, and there is a committed team of people from the church, who respond to the appeal. We do not deem to twist the arm of God, but we rejoice when prayers are answered, and when we are disappointed, we rest in the knowledge that God has not abandoned us.

If you or any person dear to you is in need of prayer, please contact any of the following: our pastor, Das Sydney, Bob Knechtel, Helen Schmidtke or Lucille West.