Our Vision

congregationJune 2011

  • Our intent is that Highland Baptist Church will be a visible and tangible earthly expression
    of the Kingdom of God. Its message is grounded in Scripture and points to Jesus
    Christ as the Saviour of the world.
  • Our intent is that we will be a community of faith where people of every age, culture and
    ethnicity are appreciated and loved, where the needy and the vulnerable are
    received with dignity and respect; where the hurting and discouraged find hope
    and healing, and where all may meet and experience Jesus.
  • Our intent is that our worship will be joyful and passionate, and that those who worship may
    do so in ways that are meaningful to them culturally and musically
  • Our intent is that this will be a church where people of every age can grow towards
    greater spiritual maturity, as they understand God’s word, learn to pray and
    serve with joy. This process is nurtured in worship, in the classroom, in small groups, in the home,  and
    in examples of faithful living.
  • Our intent is that our mission extends to the people of Kitchener-Waterloo and adjoining
    regions, and stretches beyond national boundaries, race and culture, to all
  • Our intent is that we will be passionate about the gospel, learning to share our faith in Word and deed. As salt and light
    in the world, we will seek to be an influence for good in relationships and in
  • Our intent is that we be a sending church, encouraging people to respond to God’s call, to be partners with him in his
    work in the world, both locally and globally.
  • Our intent is that every person will understand that he or she has been given abilities and resources which are to be offered for
    the benefit of God’s Kingdom.
  • Our intent is that our facilities will be continually evaluated so that they better meet the needsof our mission and