Our Values

Highland Baptist Church – Values 2011


  • We cherish our faith as crucial to
    fullness of life. This is a faith in God’s great love, in Christ’s saving work
    and the ongoing support and promptings of the Holy Spirit.


  • We accept as true that the gospel is life giving for every person who believes
  • We hold that evangelism is a biblical imperative and happens best in the  context of relationship and caring
  • We express God’s love in a variety of serving ministries
  • We value the people in the community around us locally and also have concern for the global community
  • It is important to form strategic partnerships for international work
  • We would like to become more missional.


  • The object of our worship and praise is God
  • Our worship is built on the foundation of the Bible as God’s word
  • We promote worship as a shared expression of the gathered community of faith
  • Our worship service addresses both heart and mind
  • We value messages based on scripture, which are practical, relevant and nurtures spiritual growth
  • We respect and appreciate various styles of worship.


  • Our teaching is Christ centred and biblically based
  • The Bible is central to our faith and practice
  • It is important for us to pass on the Christian faith to the next generation of Christians, young and old
  • Lifelong learning for all ages is an essential value and happens both at church and at home
  • Small groups are important for fellowship and learning
  • Personal and group prayer is vital for spiritual development.


  • We are a diverse congregation and we value all people unconditionally
  • We accept people where they are in their walk with Christ, and encourage spiritual growth
  • We seek to identify, nurture and encourage the gifts that every member brings
  • We value ALL people and pay special attention to our children, youth, the elderly and  others who are vulnerable
  • We seek to be authentic in our words and actions, following Christ’s example
  • We value commitment, sacrifice and service for the sake of God’s Kingdom
  • We seek to be a caring and loving community which reflects Christ’s presence.


  • We hold that everything we have is God’s
  • We offer our time, gifts and financial resources in order to engage in mission and ministry
  • We value our building as a vehicle to help us accomplish our mission and as a meaningful centre for worship. We believe that keeping it up to date and well maintained is a positive witness to our community.